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"At my pace - self-management of the learning process"

Implementation of the world's largest free online portal for general education - Cannes
Academy, as the main method of teaching mathematics
of students in junior high school and high school. The Cannes mobile application
Bulgarian language academy for learners was developed by Association "Education without
backpacks" and is the first application of its kind in Bulgaria, covering in depth
the main general education subjects. The platform was recommended by the Ministry of Education and Culture to
all schools at the start of the 2020 pandemic.

Main goal of innovation – increasing academic results in mathematics and
implementation of the practice "Self-management of the learning process". Mainly
a challenge in teaching in a group format is the different pace at which the material is perceived and absorbed, as well as the different level of knowledge of students in the same class.
The presence of "gaps" accumulated from previous periods has a negative impact on
the perception of new knowledge. Catching up is hard to do when following the same plan for the whole class. Innovation solves this problem and enables each student to progress at their own pace. This leads to a fundamental benefit beyond the realm of academic achievement, namely that students take control of their own learning.

Nature of the innovation gives the opportunity to be tested in our globally recognized conditions platform by comparing students' current and HSE results. Successful implementation opens the door to multiplying experience and expanding reach. It leads to digitization of the learning process and makes it less dependent on the teacher. Ability to go back and fill in gaps, sufficient number of repetitions of lessons, and also to achieve "full mastery" for each child. Differentiated learning. Respect for individual characteristics in terms of speed of perception, learning style,
temperament. Improved classroom climate. It resonates with democratic values
education - self-regulation and making choices is a necessary condition for developing responsibility.

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