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2024 / 2025 SCHOOL YEAR

We accept school children for the preparatory group at the age of  5 and 6 and students from first to sevenght grade.

High school classes - 8, 9 & 10 grades are with English and Spanish studying.


The fees of CSU "Democratic Education Varna" are formed on an annual basis.

The school offers: 

-  daily form of education 

- individual form of training

- independent form of learning 

The annual fee is determined by the type of study and is spread according to an individual payment plan for each family.

A 5% annual fee increase applies to the monthly payment option.

Fee for preschool group - 5, 6 years:

early registration - until 15.05.2023

BGN 5,750

enrollment after 15.05.2023

BGN 6,250

Fee for students in daily form - 1 - 12 grades:

early registration - until 15.05.2023

BGN 6,850

registration until 15.07.2023

BGN 7,000

enrollment after 15.07.2023

BGN 7,250

Fee for students in individual form - 1 - 12 grades:

BGN 10,000

Fee for students in independent form - 1 - 12 grades:

BGN 900

For the second and subsequent registered child from the same family - 10% discount.



Personal contact with the parents of each child is the first important step towards building trust and gaining confidence in sharing the values of PHS "Democratic Education Varna".

​After the first meeting, and within two work days, the team will notify the family for the decision of acceptance. Once accepted the paperwork is filled and a contract is signed.

Upon the signing of the contract, the parents need to submit the following documents:

- Birth certificate (will be returned to the parents after verification);

- Personal medical record card (“health-prophylactic card”);

- Certificate for school change, issued by the previous school (if applicable).

Daily form of education:
- Application for admission   
- Contract

General terms and conditions

Independant form of education:
- Application for admission
- Contract



When you move to a new school, it is much jollier to go together with a friend...
Now you can have a bonus along with it.
Bring your friends and you will receive a one-time


discount from the annual fee with us and that is for each student invited by you.


Enrollment has begun!

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