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The emotional well-being and safety of every child is a top priority for the school team. Providing the opportunity for active movement or rest at any time during the day, even if, sometimes, it is not in line with the daily routines of the grownups is necessary for the harmonious mental growth of the child.

The physical and emotional health of children should not be neglected for the sake of the intellectual development.

The teachers and the psychologists, together with the children, learn to cherish and voice their feelings and needs, to stand up for themselves, to maintain their own and respect the other people’s boundaries. During the time of classes and time of free interaction we try to communicate avoiding any aggression, with empathy, which, in addition to preserving the mental delicacy of the children, increases their self-esteem and strengthens the relationship between us. This way of interaction develops the emotional intelligence and social competence of all participants in the process. Mutual respect and trust are the important foundation on which successful individuals are raised.

Have you ever wondered what a person could achieve in life with information only if one does not know how to apply it and has no confidence in own abilities?

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